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Hair Treatments in Brisbane

Human hair is so amazing. In effect, it's both alive and dead. Whilst our hair follicles and roots are very much alive, the hairs themselves have no blood or nerves or muscles. Yet a healthy strand of hair can absorb its weight in water, swell by up to 20% and stretch up to 30% of its length.

Notice we said 'healthy hair'. Keeping your hair in optimum condition isn't as easy as it sounds. Stress, illness, pregnancy, poor diet, pollution, chemicals, hair dyes and more can all wreak havoc on our locks. That's why all of us should be considering regular hair treatments in Brisbane.

Choosing a Treatment

Yes, you can buy conditioning treatments in the supermarket, and you can make your own, but sometimes you just have to bring out the big guns. Most quality hair salons offer a variety of treatments these days.

If your salon doesn't provide this service, or you usually DIY it at home, it may be time for a change. This is especially true if you colour your hair. In fact, any hair salon offering a colour service would recommend regular treatments to all their clients.

Transforming Dull Hair

We are talking generally about hair treatments in Brisbane here. They range from ultra-moisturising and conditioning treatments to Keratin, straightening treatments, even lice treatment for children. A whole range of hair and scalp conditions can be treated in-salon.

Hair repair treatments are very popular as they can transform your dry and brittle locks into a stunning high sheen mane in just an hour or so. If we're talking about long-term damage you really need an in-salon treatment for best results. Look for Olaplex, Kérastase, amika Virgin, Redken Heatcure, Goldwell Kerasilk and Wella.

Best Hair Treatments in Brisbane

Keratin treatments are also in great demand. This isn't surprising when you consider the effect the Australian climate can have on hair. Remember, keratin is not a hair straightener as such; it's an intense protein treatment that smoothes the hair.

Search Bookwell to find the best hair treatments in Brisbane.