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Hair Colouring in Brisbane

We have been colouring our hair since Cleopatra ruled Egypt. It’s a great way to match your hair colour to your personality and lifestyle. We’ve been dye-ing to tell you about our amazing hair salons in Brisbane. Each of our hair stylists uses premium products with the latest in hair technology to get you a look that is both fashionable and flattering.

Here are some of our favorite hair colouring trends when you want to take your hair to the next level:


  • Have you ever wanted mermaid hair? This is look is everywhere on Pinterest: a mix of iridescent pinks, blues and purples. First, your hair is lightened to a platinum blonde and then layers of colours are added. Your hair will look like the gemstone that you are.

Oil Slick

  • If you love colour but you don’t want to go platinum, then oil slick is the trend for you. This is opal's darker sister, inspired by the rainbow reflection of oil on water. Purple and greens are layered on top of darker hair for that equally iridescent feel.


  • Also known as splash lights. This unique hair colour technique makes it look that you have a spotlight on your head. It’s perfect if you love having the spotlight on you. Your colourist adds a highlight directly on top of the tint so that you get the tone of the tint. It adds shine and dimension.


  • This subtle technique is the perfect option for fine hair. It involves taking really small sections of hair and applying dye to them. They are usually placed around your hairline and parting, and the result is the natural sun-kissed look you had when you were a precious little one.

**Colour Melting **

  • Try this for absolutely seamless colour transitions. Your colourist will place two or three shades among your hair shaft and blend them together so there is no line of demarcation. You can try with different hair colours from conventional to crazy.

Brisbane babes, get ready to add some colour into your life. Make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Brisbane today.