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Body Scrub in Brisbane

If a massage is your # 1 treat then a body scrub has to come a close second; it's so blissfully relaxing and your skin will feel amazing.

Whereas these days we head off to the salon or spa for a body scrub from a professional, it used to be quite different. Traditionally, in Egypt, Asia and even across Europe, groups of women would get together to bathe, relax and socialise. The body scrub was an important part of this ritual.

In fact, in ancient Egypt, men and women were fans of the body scrub, using rich oils to keep their skin soft and protected in the hot sun.

Body Scrub Benefits

Whilst we think of a body scrub in Brisbane as purely a relaxing body treatment, it does offer many benefits. The most obvious is that it leaves us with really clean skin. However, a body scrub also boosts your circulation, which promotes new skin cell growth for younger looking skin.

A body scrub sloughs off dead skin cells to brighten the skin and unclog pores and acts as a bit of a lymphatic drainage massage.

Body scrubs are one of the beauty treatments you can do safely at home but why would you? Surely the relaxation and pampering are just as important as the actual beauty benefits? Besides, many of the so-called body scrub products sold in shops are pretty inferior.

Exfoliate, Cleanse and Hydrate

Think of your body scrub in Brisbane as a facial for your body. It will exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate your skin to make it glow with health. A body scrub treatment will always combine an abrasive material with a carrier, such as a massage oil. The best scrub will use something like sea salt or sugar. Essential oils can also be added for both the aroma and the therapeutic benefits.

Your treatment will end with a shower to remove the oil and exfoliant, probably followed by a moisturising treatment. For the best body scrub in Brisbane search Bookwell for a spa near you.