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Eyelash Tinting in Brisbane

Since time began we have been obsessed with our eyelashes. But then again we've also gone to extreme lengths to perfect our eyebrows, too. This is probably because they frame one of our most important beauty features, our eyes.

Believe it or not, eyelashes are there for a very good reason. They are designed to keep debris and moisture out of our eyes. However, that doesn't mean we can't enhance their beauty.

Best Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash Tinting in Brisbane is as popular as it's ever been. It's a simple, safe and affordable way to make our lashes look longer and thicker. It's also great for those who don't or can't wear mascara.

Long lashes have always been considered a sign of great beauty across many cultures. The Ancient Egyptians, in particular, introduced many cosmetic products, paying particular attention to their eyes. All types of plants and minerals were used to make eyelash and eyebrow tints, eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Perfect For The Beach

The introduction of false eyelashes, and then eyelash extensions, revolutionised the industry, but still, eyelash tinting remains a popular choice. It really is the best if you enjoy the beach.

The best eyelash tinting in Brisbane only takes around 15 minutes to complete, and the results can last for up to six weeks. The lashes are actually permanently tinted but, as they drop out, you lose the effect.

Choosing Your Shade

It's important not to try eyelash tinting yourself at home. Not only is it very difficult to do your own but you could cause serious discomfort or damage. A trained beauty therapist uses special patches to protect your eyes and skin and knows exactly how long to leave the dye on.

Eyelash tinting in Brisbane is available in different shades, with blue-black being one of the most popular. It is generally recommended that you choose the colour closest to your hair colour but hey, anything goes right?