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Foot Spa in Brisbane

Is there anything quite as indulgent as a Foot Spa in Brisbane? It really is the best way of relaxing and de-stressing. We shouldn't be surprised, however, as the Chinese have long believed in using the feet to perform zone therapy.

We treat our feet so badly, cramming them into shoes, and standing, walking and running all day long. We owe it to our tootsies to give them a regular foot spa.

Let Stress Float Away

From the moment you plunge your feet into the bowl of warm scented water, you will start to relax. As the beauty therapist washes and massages your feet you will feel the stress float away. According to Taoist belief, applying pressure to certain points on the foot will produce better energy flow. That will lead to a feeling of serenity and good health

Once soaked and clean the therapist will give you a soothing foot massage, followed by a pedicure. Ideally, your foot spa will also include a reflexology treatment.

Many Benefits

In Chinese medicine, the feet are often referred to as the 'second heart'. It is believed that you can use the feet to treat most health conditions. For example, placing the feet in warm water boosts circulation to the major organs, creating better health.

Whilst we always think of reflexology as a Chinese innovation, they were not the only ones to appreciate the benefits of treating the feet. In the second millennium BC, foot baths were a huge hit with the Grecians, who believed the therapeutic water could relieve fatigue and improve health.

A foot spa in Brisbane offers many benefits, including stress relief, improved blood circulation, improved sleep, help with arthritic pain and even relief from headaches. It is also the perfect detox, helping the body get rid of toxins. This will improve liver and kidney health, maintain pH balance, clears acne and wrinkles and strengthen the immune system.

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