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Microblading in Brisbane

Are you searching for an alternative to cosmetic tattooing for your brows? If so, we highly recommend microblading in Brisbane. This amazing technique delivers fantastic natural-looking results.

Microblading was first introduced to help people who had lost their eyebrows through cancer, alopecia and genetic anomalies. It is now becoming increasingly popular as a cosmetic service. You might be wondering what the difference is between this and cosmetic tattooing. There are actually a few differences.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading in Brisbane is considered a semi-permanent makeup solution, whereas cosmetic tattooing is permanent. With microblading, the colour only penetrates three layers of skin, as opposed to seven.

The tools used are different, too. Cosmetic tattooing uses tattooing tools whilst microblading is done with a hand-held manual blade. This is the secret to success in achieving such a natural look. Rather than filling in the brow area, the microblading technician draws in individual hairs.

When you book in for the best microblading in Brisbane, the first step is to draw the hairs using removable pencil, so you can approve the look. After that, a numbing cream is applied to the area followed by a local anaesthetic. As a result, you should feel little to no discomfort.

Search for the Perfect Brow

The search for the perfect brow has been an obsession with humans for centuries. We've plucked and waxed and threaded. We've worn them thick and we've worn them pencil thin. It could just be that microblading has struck the perfect balance.

It doesn't come cheap but neither does cosmetic tattooing. But when you spread that cost out over years, knowing your brows look amazing from the second you wake up in the morning, it's probably well worth it.

Microblading is a specialist skill so you should choose a salon or spa that is experienced. You'll find locations near you here on Bookwell and it's easy to make a booking online.