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Foot Reflexology in Sydney

If you've never experienced foot reflexology in Sydney you might think it's just a foot massage. True, it does include massage, and it is very relaxing, but it also offers many health benefits.

Dating back to ancient China foot reflexology is a holistic therapy believed to detox the body, boost the immune system, promote healing and balance your inner energy flow. This is all possible because our feet have very important pressure points.

Zone Therapy

The name 'foot reflexology' actually originates from Europe in the 1800s, although the practice itself is so much older. It's sometimes referred to as zone therapy because different zones of the feet relate to different organs in the body.

Foot reflexology has been shown to help anything from stress and headaches to the symptoms of cancer. It is deeply relaxing and is becoming increasingly recognised in western medicine.

Relaxing Foot Spa

When you book the best foot reflexology in Sydney your session may start with a gorgeous foot soak and scrub. That in itself is a treat. The therapist will then start your treatment, using different pressure points on your feet to treat different conditions.

Foot reflexology involves little or no pain. Patients describe the feeling as relaxing and warm. Some experience feelings of floating whilst others fall asleep.

Many Benefits

Whilst there is no scientific proof that foot reflexology can cure various ailments the results speak for themselves. For example, by lowering blood pressure it can help people with heart disease.

The reason our feet are so important is that each one has around 70,000 nerve endings. Practitioners believe it more effective to treat the relevant pressure point than the organ it represents.

Similar pressure points can be found in our hands and ears but foot reflexology is the most popular form of treatment.

To experience this amazing therapy for yourself, and to find the best foot reflexology in Sydney, search Bookwell for a practitioner in your area.