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Deep Tissue Massage in Adelaide

A relaxing, calming, aromatherapy massage is absolutely wonderful. But sometimes, we need that little bit extra. We might have some niggly aches and pains or tight muscles and need a firmer massage to iron them all out. Enter, the deep tissue massage! If you’re in Adelaide, then we have the salon or spa for you. And just because it’s a deep tissue massage, it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel relaxed and wonderful throughout and afterwards. All our massage places are gorgeous havens of peace and relaxation and have the staff you need, trained in the perfect deep tissue massage.

A deep tissue massage can be used to treat shoulder aches, neck problems, and strained backs. Your therapist will use circular movements, kneading and tapping motions to soothe areas of muscle pain. It’s similar in style to a sports massage but isn’t sports injury specific. It also doesn’t go quite as deep into the muscles as a sports massage by a qualified sports therapist. But a deep tissue massage doesn’t just tease out knots and muscle tightness. It also helps the lymphatic system drain toxins from the body. Your stress will melt away and your circulation will be boosted. As it uses deliciously scented oils, just like an aromatherapy massage, it’s ideally suited to those who want a firmer massage but still want to feel relaxed and pampered.

If you sit or drive for a living, carry heavy loads or have a lot of tension, then a deep tissue massage is for you. You might feel a little achy in the treated areas for a day or two, but you’ll generally feel less tight. Your freedom of movement will improve and your spirit will be uplifted.

Our Adelaide salons and spas are waiting for your booking. Make your appointment today and enjoy the benefits by tomorrow!