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Hair Straighteners in Adelaide

Are we ever happy with our hair? Those of us with dead straight hair yearn for curls, while those with wavy hair have probably tried every product on the market to get it straight!

The great thing about straightening your hair is that it just seems to make it look healthy and glossy - in fact, there's a real touch of Hollywood about it. It's so glamorous.

However, as with most hair styling products and techniques, there's a good way and a bad way to achieve results.

Get Those Luscious Locks

Here at BookWell, we believe hair straightening in Adelaide is best done by the professionals. They will ensure you get outstanding results, while also protecting your luscious locks from damage.

Most of us girls have tried straightening our own hair before, using dangerously hot styling tools. And we probably haven't always prepared our hair first, using heat protect spray.

Whilst we may have got a reasonably passable result, who knows what terrible damage we were doing.

Going with Keratin

Professional hair straighteners in Adelaide use a variety of techniques and products, for short-term and permanent results.

If you're seeking a non-chemical treatment, your best option is heat-only. However, in the hands of a professional, this will be done without damaging your hair.

Keratin hair treatments are extremely popular, and they, too, use heat to activate the chemicals used. After the keratin is applied, you will be instructed not to wash your hair for a few days, while it takes effect.

Super Sleek and Sexy

Keratin does an amazing job of getting rid of frizz and can shorten your blow-dry time by up to 60%. It also lasts for a good couple of months.

Our hair naturally contains keratin, so we're really just topping up the levels. Remember, it's when our hair becomes too porous that it gets frizzy and unmanageable.

If you want a look that is super sleek and sexy, simply check out our list of hair straighteners in Adelaide and book well.