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Wedding Makeup in Gold Coast

Living on the Gold Coast in Queensland offers many great benefits, including the fabulous climate. However, all that heat and sunshine could cause problems on your wedding day if you're not prepared.

Whilst every bride hopes for fine weather, she also wants her hair and makeup to look good all day - especially if the wedding ceremony is taking place outdoors. The last thing she wants is a shiny face and frizzy hair!

Hair and Makeup Package

For this reason, you might want to consider booking professional wedding makeup on the Gold Coast. Better still, book a hair and makeup package.

Applying makeup that will stand up to the weather, look good in any light, stay put all day and still look naturally beautiful is a challenge. However good you are at applying your makeup at home, this special occasion may require a different approach.

Tricks of the Trade

Professional makeup artists know the tricks of their trade. This is what they do all the time and they're good at it. They also know which products work best for this type of situation.

A common mistake that brides make when they do their own makeup is to apply too much. As they are worried about it coming off they use twice the amount. They might also choose really strong colours thinking these will look better in the photographs.

Best Wedding Makeup in Gold Coast

The makeup professional knows less is more. He or she will take a more subtle approach, knowing what looks good under lights and in photographs. They may suggest colours you don't normally use so the best idea is to have a trial run - hair, makeup and dress. It's far better to do that than be disappointed on the day.

Remember, you're supposed to relax and enjoy your wedding day. The last thing you want to worry about is your makeup so take our advice, and use Bookwell to source professional wedding makeup in Gold Coast.