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Mole Removal in Gold Coast

We tend to take moles very seriously these days and rightly so. The very idea of skin cancer is terrifying and we should all be doing regular skin checks. If you live on the Gold Coast with all that wonderful sunshine, you need to pay special attention to moles.

If your skin specialist has any concerns about a mole he or she will most likely remove it. It can be checked to ensure it is not malignant. If it is, further treatment may be needed.

Skin Specialist

Many people inquire about mole removal in Gold Coast for cosmetic reasons. They just dislike the mole and want it gone. Or it could be that its position is causing problems, rubbing on clothing for example.

A mole is really just a collection of pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes. They come in all shapes and sizes and may be brown, black or flesh-coloured. Even a mole you have had since birth can change in appearance. This could be caused by it becoming cancerous but could also be due to hormonal changes. A skin specialist will be able to tell you.

If you are considering mole removal in Gold Coast for cosmetic reasons your first stop is a skin clinic and you'll find these listed in the Bookwell directory. An examination is required to decide the best form of removal.

Mole Removal Methods

The most common removal methods these days are by laser or radio frequency. Laser Mole Removal is very safe and fast. After a local anaesthetic has taken effect the mole will be lasered. This will cause it to form a scab, which will drop off in about a week.

The great thing about this method is that it only takes a few minutes and is not considered surgery. The mole is flattened rather than removed so there's no bleeding and little or no scarring.

Outpatient Procedure

Radio Frequency also flattens the mole and the skin is sealed instantly. Again this means minimal bleeding and scarring. One treatment is usually all that's needed.

A third option for mole removal in Gold Coast is the use of liquid nitrogen. Only suitable for skin surface moles, this fast outpatient procedure leaves a small blister which will dry up and fall off.