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Lip Tattoo in Gold Coast

Whether you're a Gold Coast glamour girl or you love the beach, cosmetic tattooing is for you. Not only does it make you look amazing but it's so much easier than applying full makeup every morning.

If you like to swim or grab a wave whenever possible you should seriously check out getting a lip tattoo in Gold Coast. Whether you go for the full lip or lip liner, you're going to look and feel great when you step out the water.

Fuller Lips

Whilst a lip tattoo doesn't actually enlarge your lips - you need lip augmentation for that - it definitely gives the appearance of fuller more sensual lips. It adds great definition and saves all that fiddling around with a lip pencil.

If you feel your lips are thin or uneven a lip tattoo in Gold Coast will transform them. There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from but remember, if you decide to go natural, you will need more regular touch-ups.

Forget the Lipstick

Did you know that your natural lip colour fades with age? That's another great reason for getting a lip tattoo. It's so much more convenient than re-applying lipstick all day long.

The procedure is very straightforward. You'll start with a consultation to help you choose your look and colour. Lips are very sensitive to pain so generally a numbing cream will be applied about 30 minutes prior to treatment.

Best Lip Tattoo in Gold Coast

As treatment begins your cosmetic tattooist will keep asking you about pain and discomfort so don't be afraid to speak up if you need a rest. Application usually takes a couple of hours and your lips will probably be a bit sore and swollen afterwards. That should pass quite quickly.

Before you know it you'll be looking in the mirror at your best-ever lips. We're sure you're going to love your new look so take a look through the Bookwell directory and find the best lip tattoo in Gold Coast.