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Skin Tag Removal in Sydney

So you've found a strange-looking growth on your body and you're terrified it could be skin cancer. The first thing to do is get it checked by a professional. The chances are that it's only a benign skin tag.

When it comes to moles, skin tags and other abnormalities on the skin, expert advice is essential. Until you know what you're dealing with its hard to move forward. Once the growth is confirmed to be a benign skin tag, you can choose to leave it alone or get it professionally removed.

Skin Tag Removal

If it's small and out of sight many people just leave skin tags alone. However, if it is bigger and/or causing discomfort by rubbing on your clothes, it's fairly quick and easy to get it removed. This is also the case if the skin tag is causing you embarrassment.

Most skin specialists have a few different removal methods at their disposal. They will assess your situation and suggest which method would be best. This might be Cauterisation, Cryosurgery, Ligation, Surgery or even Radio Frequency.

When you hear people talking about 'freezing off' warts, skin tags and other lesions they are generally referring to Cryosurgery. This method uses liquid nitrogen, causing the skin tag to shrivel up and fall off. Cauterisation works in a similar way but uses heat.

Radio Frequency

Increasingly the best skin tag removal in Sydney uses Radio Frequency. Sometimes referred to as Radio Surgery, this method involves passing radio waves into the skin via electrodes. The type of electrode used depends on the type of lesion - it could be a fine needle or a wire loop. This action cuts and seals the skin at the same time to minimise bleeding and scarring.

The best way forward if you think you have a skin tag is to find a skin specialist in your area by using Bookwell.