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Skin Tag Removal in Gold Coast

If you've recently discovered a skin tag and you're stressing about it, don't. They are extremely common and easily treatable.

Your first step is to ensure it is just a benign skin tag and nothing more serious. This is easy to do by visiting a specialist skin doctor and you'll find your nearest ones listed here on Bookwell.

Having confirmed that it is a benign tumour, the specialist will discuss various removal methods with you. A word of warning, home removal kits and ointments are available but not recommended. Whilst attached to you that skin tag is living tissue. Removing it yourself could cause infection or scarring.

Radio Frequency

The newest type of skin tag removal is Radio Frequency. This is an excellent treatment as it cuts and seals the skin at the same time, avoiding stitches and minimising bleeding. The procedure takes about seven days to heal.

Extreme heat and cold are also successfully used to remove skin tags. Cauterisation involves burning off the skin tag using electrolysis (heat), whilst Cryosurgery freezes off the skin tag using liquid nitrogen. Both methods are very effective, hygienic and relatively pain-free.

Cutting off a skin tag - known as Excision - is not common anymore but will most likely be used if the tag is large. It offers instant results but will require stitches.

An old-fashioned method that is still used today is Ligation. This basically involves tying off a skin tag. As the blood supply to the tag stops it will die and fall off. It can take as little as four days.

Skin Tags Are Common

Skin tags are actually very common and, unless it is causing you problems, there is no need to remove it. However, many people choose treatment for cosmetic reasons.

Contrary to what many people believe, skin tags equally affect men and women, young and old. They can also be caused by genetics.

For the best skin tag removal in Gold Coast use Bookwell to find a specialist in your locality.