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Henna in Sydney

If you live in Sydney, and you're looking for more natural hair colour, you might like to consider henna. This plant-derived colouring provides a great alternative to using chemicals, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

Henna is very safe to use on your hair and your skin, which is why it is also used for temporary tattoos. These tattoos, known as Mehndi, have been traditional in India for centuries, and are now becoming increasingly popular for Western weddings.

Henna for Hair

As a hair colour, henna has come a long way since Westerners first started using it in the 1970s. Back then it was a strong smelling, greenish powder that you mixed with water to form a paste. The longer you left it on, the redder your hair became.

Whilst still completely natural, henna is much easier to use these days, and some colour variations can be achieved. A great benefit of using henna is that it also leaves your hair in fabulous condition with plenty of shine.

Henna Tattoo

If you're thinking about getting a henna tattoo for your wedding, it's worth checking out some designs online. Alternatively, seek advice from the salon where you plan to get it done. Traditionally the tattoo is applied to your hands and/or feet.

Mehndi is a completely painless experience, as there are no needles involved. The henna is made into a paste, which is painted onto your skin - rather than injected under the skin.

Allow Plenty of Time

As the henna dries, the stain on the skin begins to get darker. Different henna artists use different methods. Some may wrap your hands or feet as the warmth helps the colour to darken. They may also apply some form of moisturiser.

Mehndi is not a fast process so, if you're making a booking, allow plenty of time. The intricate design will continue to darken for a couple of days after application. Applying a natural oil will help protect it. A henna tattoo should last one to three weeks, depending on care.