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Coolsculpting in Gold Coast

If you're wondering what on earth Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis is, there's only one thing you need to know; it's the must-have treatment for weight loss and body contouring.

Seriously, this treatment is totally amazing and you don't need to do a thing. You just sit there and let this impressive technology do the hard work for you.

Best Weight Loss Ever

To clarify Cryolipolysis is the treatment and CoolSculpting is the brand name. It is quite new and is being called the most revolutionary body contouring treatment ever. It works by freezing those annoying fat deposits that just won't shift with diet and exercise alone.

CoolSculpting on the Gold Coast has only been used for weight loss and body contouring for a few years and is rapidly growing in popularity as a non-surgical procedure. Labelled the world's Number One fat removal treatment more than 5 million procedures have been carried out globally.

Just Chill

There are really very few downsides to this treatment as long as you don't mind feeling a little chilly in the name of beauty. As the treatment begins you will feel extreme cold in that area but that will largely disappear as the area goes numb.

Apart from some skin redness and tenderness for a couple of days, there are no real side effects to worry about.

During treatment, you can more or less do what you want, including reading a book or working on your laptop. As the machine gets to work you will probably see some results quite quickly. They won't be dramatic, however, so you may need multiple sessions. Remember, this is not surgery or liposuction so you need to be realistic.

Best CoolSculpting Gold Coast

Having said that, studies have been done on the effectiveness of the treatment and the results are good. Some patients see a fat reduction of up to 20% in the treatment area. You can also speed up the results by combining treatment with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

To find the best CoolSculpting on Gold Coast simply search the Bookwell directory for a clinic near you.