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Spray Tanning in Sydney

There are a few universal truths: Mondays are the worst, there’s always room for dessert, and everyone looks (and feels) better with a tan. It gives you that instant, healthy glow. You can pretend that you spent the morning running by the beach instead of at brunch drinking mimosas. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to make sure you look your best.

Spray tans are the best way to have that beach babe look without the pesky consequences of sun damage. It’s like espresso martinis without the hangover. You can have your cake, and you can eat it. You might lay out by the pool only to find that you are more sun burnt than sun kissed. With a spray tan, you can choose whether you want to be more weekend at Bondi or week in Bali. It’s up to you. Tan line optional.

Another benefit is that your spray tan artist can help you to contour your body. Aside from evening out skin tone and camouflaging stretch marks, you can also increase (the appearance of) muscle definition. It’s basically the same thing. Enhance what you have – get instant abs by applying vertical contours on either side of your belly button. You can also ask your spray tan artist to highlight your collarbones to make you look instantly skinnier.

Make your spray tan last by exfoliating beforehand. Wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment. Any discoloration should wash off. If you have a big occasion, make sure that you make an appointment two days before to give the color sometime to develop and settle. Ironically, it is important that you select your sunscreen carefully. Try a natural sunscreen because the chemicals in some normal sunscreens can break down the compounds in sunless tanner. Talk to your spray tan artist about a good option.

What are you waiting for? Book well with Bookwell, and make an appointment with one of our spray tan artists in Sydney today.