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Spray Tanning in the Gold Coast

The best way to get (and stay) golden brown all year around is not lying on the sands of Surfers Paradise. It’s in a spray tanning salon. Hear us out. Yes, the sun does have all those vitamins and minerals but overexposure to UV rays can lead to premature aging.

By booking in with one of our spray tan technicians, you’ll have a high quality fake tan. You get to choose the shade of sun kissed you want to be, and there are no such thing as tan lines. Not convinced? Ask your technician for some subtle muscle contouring. It can help sculpt your arms, abs and make you look instantly slimmer. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Here are a few basics to get you started. Get your skin in the best possible condition before the treatment. This means exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate – every day for three days prior to your new spray tan. However, do not exfoliate eight hours prior to the application. You want your skin to be at its best pH level so that the tan can develop. Avoid rich moisturizers on the day of your treatment because this can lighten the self-tan.

The first shower after your tan should be lukewarm. Avoid shower gels that are “deeply moisturizing”. The residue can make your tan ‘slip off’. Your sunscreen can contain chemicals that break down the compounds in the self-tanner. Rule of thumb: stick to basic, natural products.

A good spray tan should last for five to 10 days. Heavy exercise, sweating and chlorine can erode the life of your tan. Your face and hands will fade the quickest so you should invest in a good self-tan for the face. As your tan fades, a little light exfoliation will ensure that it fades away even and there is no colour build up. Like most things in life, don’t be too hard on it through – scrubs that incorporate salt or oatmeal can be too harsh and make the tan patch.

What are you waiting for? Make an appointment with one of our spray tan technicians in the Gold Coast today. Book well with Bookwell, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.