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Threading in Sydney

Are you a fan of threading? Or perhaps you're keen to try it for the first time? You're in luck because Threading is readily available in Sydney.

This traditional Eastern method of removing unwanted facial hair is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Once only available at a few salons, you will now find many therapists offering Threading in Sydney.

Alternative to Waxing

Threading is a great alternative to waxing. Whilst facial waxing does a great job of removing hair there are many people who find it too painful. It is also a no-no for those with very sensitive or thin skin.

Threading in Sydney is quite literally performed using a thread. It is so clever! The therapist takes a length of cotton thread, folds it in half and twists it to create the perfect hair-removal tool. By rolling the thread over the treatment area, the therapist can remove single hairs or whole lines of hair.

Perfect for Eyebrows

Threading would not be suitable for removing large areas of hair; it would take forever. However, it is perfect for facial hair, especially eyebrows. Some say it is the most accurate form of hair removal for the brows.

There are a few different ways of holding the thread, so treatment will vary from place to place. Some therapists apply talc to the area beforehand, and most soothe the treated area with aloe vera gel or something similar.

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Threading originated in the East and is still the most popular form of facial hair removal in India. The treatment is sought by both men and women. Fast and effective, the results generally last around four weeks.

Threading is highly recommended for those who suffer from skin allergies or have very thin skin due to acne treatment. It uses no harsh chemicals and doesn't remove layers of skin.

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