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Threading in Adelaide

Full face threading in Adelaide is becoming increasingly popular as men and women seek alternatives to waxing. We know waxing is very effective but many people are moving away from treatments involving chemicals.

Threading is a very natural hair removal method that has been used for a long time in India and the Far East. The practitioner uses a length of thread to remove hairs from the brows, chin, lip, cheeks and neck.

Effective Hair Removal

The thread itself is usually cotton and often antibacterial. It is doubled over and twisted to create a most effective hair removal tool. By rolling it over the treatment area the therapist can remove both single hairs and lines of hair.

The best threading in Adelaide is extremely accurate - it can even whisk away the smallest of hairs. The results are long-lasting, too. Depending on your hair type, you need only go for treatment every four to six weeks.

Reduce Wrinkles

Apart from removing unwanted hair, there are several other benefits to regular threading in Adelaide. Over time the hairs will become much finer and not as obvious. Many people also believe that threading helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is because threading boosts blood circulation and stimulates collagen production.

If you have undergone acne treatments in the past - and now have much thinner skin - you'll find threading a far better option to waxing. It's much gentler on your face and doesn't remove layers of skin. Threading is also a welcome relief to those who suffer from other skin conditions or are allergic to wax.

Threading for Men

The best threading in Adelaide is available to both men and women. It is very common for men in India and the Middle East to undergo eyebrow threading regularly, and it's catching on fast in Australian cities.

If you think threading in Adelaide is for you, just search the Bookwell directory to find your closest salon and make a booking.