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IPL Hair Removal in Adelaide

It's quite likely you've heard of IPL Hair Removal but you're not totally sure what it is. It's easy to get confused between that and Laser Hair Removal.

What we do know is that it is just one of the many methods used in our eternal quest for hair removal. We wax, we pluck, we apply smelly depilatory creams, we shave, in fact we've tried just about everything to give fuzz the flick.

Of course, all those methods are only temporary solutions. The hair will grow back. So what about IPL Hair Removal in Adelaide?

Permanent Hair Reduction

Contrary to what many people think, IPL Hair Removal is not a permanent hair removal method. But it does offer permanent hair reduction. In other words, it will reduce the number of hairs that grow back.

This was only discovered by accident. The first IPL machines were actually created to treat skin conditions, but doctors noticed that patients grew less hair in the areas treated. By the 1990s, it had been proven that Intense Pulsed Light - or IPL - was an effective way of reducing hair growth. As a result, IPL machines were designed and sold for that purpose.

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

This is how it works. The machine sends wavelengths into the skin. When used for hair reduction, the wavelength targets pigment. The light turns to heat as it is absorbed, which kills the hair growth cells.

It's worth pointing out that not every hair on our body is living. Between 20% and 40% of our hairs are living - the rest are dead but haven't yet fallen out. That is why you need several IPL Hair Removal sessions for success.

When it comes to comparing IPL Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal, most people say that IPL is cheaper but laser is more effective. Laser Hair Removal can also be used to treat larger areas.

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