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Eyebrow Threading in Sydney

What haven't we done to our eyebrows over the centuries? At least the treatments we use today don't involve poisonous substances or dead rodents! These days we generally rely on waxing, plucking and eyebrow threading.

Whilst eyebrow threading is relatively new in Western society, it has been practised for a long time in eastern countries, especially India. It is believed to be the most efficient way to remove unwanted hair and shape the brow.

Gentle and Accurate

Threading can be used on all facial hair, as it is gentle and extremely accurate. It is ideal for people who are sensitive to hot wax, and far more effective than plucking. In fact, it's a really safe hair removal method as it contains no harsh chemicals.

If your skin is thin as a result of acne treatments, you're a perfect candidate for eyebrow threading.

Long Lasting Results

Eyebrow threading in Sydney is fascinating to watch. The therapist uses a twisted length of thread, usually cotton, to remove even individual hairs. This is done by rolling the thread over the treatment area.

The best eyebrow threading in Sydney can give long-lasting results, which makes it very cost-effective. Most people go about three weeks between appointments. If any stray hairs appear in-between sessions simply pluck them out with the tweezers.

Boosts Collagen Production

Those who book in for eyebrow threading regularly say it is less painful than waxing and doesn't leave your skin as red. Most therapists apply an aloe vera gel after treatments.

Some people also swear that it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This could be because eyebrow threading boosts blood circulation and collagen production. This would plump up the skin and hide those annoying wrinkles.

Eyebrow threading in Sydney is ideal for men and women. In fact, an increasing number of men now choose to have eyebrow treatments. So if you're looking for the best eyebrow threading in Sydney, check out our directory for a salon near you.