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Electrolysis in Sydney

Hair: we're either spending a fortune to grow it or remove it. The ancient Egyptians were probably the first to start this craze. They considered hair unclean and went to great lengths to remove it. Then they wore wigs!

Over the centuries we've chopped and plucked and waxed and shaved. We've even invented disgustingly smelly hair removal creams. That is until some bright spark came up with the idea of electrolysis.

Efficient Hair Removal

Ophthalmologist Dr Charles Michel was that genius, inventing the treatment in 1875 to remove painful ingrown eyelashes from his clients. The idea caught on and, over the years, was perfected as a very efficient hair removal method.

Electrolysis uses electrical current or chemical heat to destroy the growth centre of each hair. Due to its accuracy, it's used to remove individual hairs from the face and body. It may sound a little scary but it is considered extremely safe.

It is very important to choose a qualified electrolysis practitioner and you'll find them listed here on Bookwell.

Fantastic Results

Electrolysis is quite amazing as it offers fantastic results and no permanent side effects. You may feel some discomfort during treatment, as well as a temporary reddening of the skin. The discomfort is quite bearable and stops as quickly as it starts. Treatment is generally broken down into multiple appointments, depending on the size of the area being treated.

If you are particularly sensitive to pain you may be able to have a topical anaesthetic.

Some people dismiss electrolysis as unhealthy because it involves electricity. It is actually much healthier than most other hair removal methods, as no nasty chemicals are used. However, it is vitally important to only seek treatment from a qualified professional. Don't be tempted to buy a DIY electrolysis kit.

Electrolysis aftercare is quite straightforward and serious complications are virtually unheard of. If you feel you could benefit from this form of permanent hair removal, find the best electrolysis in Sydney here on Bookwell.