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Brazilian Waxing in Adelaide

Two of our favorite things to come out of Brazil: Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian. Both are equally as smooth and have the makings of a hot date. Unlike the football player, we can help you achieve the latter. Thankfully, just like your wine options, we have a fine selection of waxing salons in Adelaide.

Are you nervous about taking it all off? Don’t be – we’ve got you covered:

Firstly, don’t shave for at least five days before. You need to have hair for the wax to grab onto. Your hair should be about ¼ inches if it’s fine, and half an inch if it’s coarse. If your hair is longer than required, you can trim it with an electric razor before you go in. However, your beauty therapist can do this for you.

Cutting down on the pain. It can be a painful process. Let your therapist know if you are susceptible to pain or if it’s your first time. Make sure that you book your appointment at least a week after your period. Your skin may be extra sensitive during that time of the month. Also, pop an ibuprofen (or two) beforehand. It helps.

Keep those ingrown hairs at bay. Waxing and exfoliating go hand in hand. If you develop ingrown hairs or bumps after you wax, you can gently exfoliate the area with a body scrub. Use a lotion with alpha hydroxy acid, which can help to remove ingrowns. Make sure you wait at least 24 hours or until the redness subsides before you exfoliate. This can irritate the already sensitive skin.

Make sure to exfoliate in the days leading up to your appointment to slough off the dead skin cells. This can also help ingrown hairs from developing.

You’re all set. At Bookwell, we want you to book well. Make an appointment with one of our waxing experts for a professional yet personal experience.