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Bikini Wax in Adelaide

There are several relationships you forge in life where it really pays off to do your research, and find someone you really love… someone who just gets you.

We’re talking about the people you see every day, every week, or every month; the people you trust the very most. Maybe it’s your barista, perhaps it’s your hairdresser or even your accountant. But for us girls, we’d go so far as to say a great relationship with your bikini waxer outweighs all the rest.

Let’s face it - stripping down in front of a complete stranger every month isn’t the most comfortable of situations. But becoming a regular at your waxing salon, and making acquaintances with your waxing therapist can really help to put your mind at ease. And just remember - they’ve seen it all before, so leave your inhibitions at the door.

So, what can you expect from a typical bikini wax? Heading in for your wax, you should have a quick consultation with your beauty therapist to establish exactly how much hair you want to be removed down there. Just like a bad haircut, no one wants to leave with a bad bikini wax. If you didn’t get what you asked for, remember to let your waxer know. Ideally, before it's too late!

Your bikini wax will usually take around 10-15 minutes, and will probably be over well before you know it. Seeing as they’re only removing the hair from outside the bikini line, you’ll be fine leaving your underwear on. Always a win! Remember to exfoliate regularly in between waxes, to inhibit those nasty ingrown hairs, and help keep the skin clean and clear with tea tree or ingrown hair lotions.

If you’re after a professional bikini wax in Adelaide, look no further than Bookwell for all of your hair removal needs.