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SNS Nails Gold Coast

Have you heard the buzz? The new and exciting rumours from beauty salons along the Gold Coast? The latest in must-have manicures is the Signature Nail System, or SNS nails and it’ll quickly become your go-to mani.

Developed to last just as long as gel nails, SNS nails will withstand all that the Gold Coast has to throw at you. Surfing, swimming, walks in the rainforest or simply cocktails beachside, your nails will emerge unscathed. (Although this promise doesn’t extend to your hair, but we’ll have a local salon for that, too.)

If you’ve never had an SNS manicure, expect it to be unlike any you’ve had before. It starts off routine, with a coat of gel, then your nails are dipped into a powder, either neutral like a French polish, or the colour of your choice. This powder is then set with a top coat and there’s no need for a UV lamp to set the colour. It’s said that 15 minutes a day in the sun will make the varnish even stronger. How’s that for a bonus in an area of the world famous for 300 days of sunshine a year?

The result is a tough, but light finish that allows your nails to breath. When it’s removed, your nails won’t be dry and flakey. (We strongly urge you to get the pros in for this. Like gels, if you peel SNS varnish off, your nails will get damaged.)

The Gold Coast has lots of quality salons to choose from that offer tip top SNS nail treatments. Book yours in today and be ready to strut your stuff along the beach in style.