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Nail Refill, Removal & Repair Gold Coast

Whether you're a serial nail-biter, or you want to look amazing for a special event, artificial nails are a great option. And there are so many different types to choose from these days, including gel, acrylic and SNS.

Just like real nails, these fabulous fakes need maintenance to keep them looking their best. Luckily there's a wide range of nail refill, removal and repair options on the Gold Coast.

Amazing Acrylics

Acrylics are brushed onto your nails to form a shiny, hard finish. And as your nails naturally grow, the acrylic coating will also grow out. There's an easy fix - just head into the salon every two to three weeks for a refill.

If you decide on a change of colour, or want to take a break from using acrylics, your professional nail technician can easily and safely remove them.

Glamorous Gels

The gel nails of today are fantastic. With a similar consistency to ordinary nail polish, the gel is brushed on and then hardened under ultraviolet light. This forms a strong, super shiny finish that is resistant to chipping. The most popular type of gel manicure is Shellac.

Like acrylics, your gel nails will gradually grow out. So you will need to visit the salon every two to three weeks, for the colour to be filled in. Removal and repair is similar to acrylic nails, but it's not something you should try doing yourself.

Sensational SNS

SNS - or Signature Nail Systems - is a great new option for beautiful nails. It starts with a gel base, but your nails are then dipped in powdered colour. The finished result is thinner than gel or acrylic, but really strong.

Most technicians recommend refills every two to three weeks. And you should never try and remove the product yourself, as this could damage your nails.

As with all fake nails, chips and breaks can occur, so why not keep your nail salon's number on redial for a quick repair.