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Nail Art in Gold Coast

Nail art is the hottest thing around right now, and it has its origins in some unexpected places. We know that the practice of painting our nails dates back to the Ancient Chinese - and nail art was probably invented by the Incas.

Way back in the 1430s the Incas started to paint tiny drawings, symbols and motifs on their nails, the favourites being eagles and sun gods. This art form didn't really catch on in a big way until the 19th Century, but now it's here to stay.

If you're looking for nail art on the Gold Coast, you're in luck, as there are some very talented nail artists here. The glitz and glitter of the region is reflected in the fabulous designs you find around the salons.

Make A Fashion Statement

In this city of celebrities and non-stop nightlife, your nails are your best accessory and fashion statement. It's only right you make them shine with some amazing artwork.

Nail art comes in many forms, incorporating colour and texture. Rhinestones are a favourite here, adding shine and sparkle for every occasion. 3D nail art is so amazing and the choice of decorations gets bigger every day.

Nail art can be created using brushes, sponging, taping, and stickers. Airbrushing is very effective, too. One of the latest trends is digital nail art, where scanned photographs - or even pictures from your digital camera - can be printed onto your nails.

Three Dimensional Magic

Another new form of nail art on the Gold Coast is called Water Marble. Using clear and coloured nail polish, water and a toothpick, the artist can create the most stunning swirling effects. Aquarium Nail Art is pretty special, too. It uses fake nails and colour acrylics to produce a three dimensional picture.

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