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Gel Nails in Gold Coast

When we talk about gel nails we could be discussing hard gel or soft gel. Soft gel basically refers to a type of nail polish. It gives amazing colour and shine but can't be used to lengthen the nail. If that's what you need you'll need to book in for hard gel nails.

Compared to acrylics, gel nails are a relatively new treatment - and a blessing to those allergic to acrylics. Finally they, too, could enjoy beautiful long nails. Most clients describe gel nails as feeling more natural and less rigid than with acrylics.

Amazing Shine and Luscious Colour

The best gel nails on the Gold Coast offer long-lasting results, amazing shine and luscious colour. Each coat is cured under UV light to harden it - so you'll never smudge your nails as you leave the salon.

Of course, gel nails do cost more than normal manicures but the effect lasts longer so it probably equals out. Most clients choose gel nails for convenience, knowing they can go a couple of weeks between treatments.

You tend to find that everybody has their favourite nail treatment. For those more intent on durability, acrylic nails may be better. However, gel nails are not as thick and therefore look more natural and delicate.

More Eco-Friendly

Gel nails are also considered a safer, more eco-friendly treatment as they don't have the fumes associated with acrylic nails.

Another difference between acrylic and gel nails on the Gold Coast is this: with acrylic, you have a full set applied on your first visit, followed by infills every few weeks. The full set is replaced every few months. With gel nails, there are no infills - the polish is applied fresh each visit.

For most clients seeking length, colour and shine that lasts, soak off gels are the way to go. The good news is that you'll find the very best gel nails on the Gold Coast listed here on Bookwell.