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  • My Hands Healing Therapeutic Massage
    My Hands Healing Therapeutic Massage

    My Hands Healing Therapeutic Massage

    44 Parcoola Avenue, HOPE VALLEY 5090

    David has years of experience and multiple diplomas in massage, trigger point and herbal studies. My Hands Healing offers a variety of massages for different needs, and David treats multiple…

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  • Thai Metha
    Thai Metha

    Thai Metha

    46 Melbourne Street, NORTH ADELAIDE 5006

    For a truly wonderful experience, book in for a massage at Thai Metha in North Adelaide. They encourage you to take time out to escape from the stresses and strains…

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  • Anasa Healing
    Anasa Healing

    Anasa Healing

    219 Magill Road, MAYLANDS 5069

    The Anasa Healing salon in Maylands is a beautiful haven of calmness and healing. A session of Anasa healing will leave you feeling amazing. It combines acupressure, Swedish massage, remedial…

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  • Core Being Wellness Centre
    Core Being Wellness Centre

    Core Being Wellness Centre

    45 Unley Road, PARKSIDE 5063

    The Core Being Wellness Centre is a true slice of paradise. Situated in Parkside in South Australia, the centre is run by physiotherapist Rajeesh. Rajeesh has over 13 years experience…

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  • Wild Indigo

    31 Saltfleet Street, PORT NOARLUNGA 5167

    The Wild Indigo Wellness Spa in Port Noarlunga is a serene oasis of calm and relaxation. They offer a range of health and wellness treatments designed to make you look…

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Sports Massage in Adelaide

If you’re a semi-pro or professional athlete, or you’re seriously into your sports, then the last thing you want is an injury. Injuries keep you back, they’re frustrating and they impact on more than just your sports life. If you’re in Adelaide and you’re suffering a sports sprain, strain or tear, then book in with one of our sports massage therapists.

A sports massage goes deep into the root of the problem. It goes deeper even than a deep tissue massage. And unlike a deep tissue massage which is a whole body treatment, a sports massage focuses on specific areas. These areas can range from hamstrings to shoulders to calf muscles to ankles. Anywhere that a sports injury can take hold. A qualified sports massage therapist will be able to pinpoint the exact area that's damaged. They’ll then use kneading and manipulation techniques to get everything back in working order again.

But it isn’t just treatment or rehabilitation that a sports massage is good for. A good therapist will be able to feel areas that could potentially lead to problems and injuries later on. They’ll treat them as a preventative measure. They’ll also help enhance your performance. A properly working muscle or joint with proper freedom of movement is more likely to perform at its best. Boosting your flexibility in such a way can have enormous effects.

Given all of this, it’s unsurprising that a sports massage therapist is highly qualified in anatomy and physiology. They know the workings of the human body and how each muscle relates to another.

If you have shin splints, a damaged hamstring, a sore bicep, or any other number of sports injuries, make sure you book in with one of our sports therapists. They’ll talk you through your medical history, injuries and lifestyle to get the best plan of action for you. Whether you have an injury, want to prevent one or boost your overall sporting performance, we’ve got the right therapist in Adelaide for you.