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Remedial Massage in Adelaide

If you thought all massages were the same, have we got news for you. There are actually around 200 different massage techniques and types. Every country has its own traditional style of massage, and then there will be regional or religious variations.

But for now, to keep it simple, let's take a look at the difference between a relaxation massage and a remedial massage in Adelaide.

Relaxation vs Remedial

A relaxation massage is gentle and soothing, designed to ease away worries and stress and leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

A remedial massage, on the other hand, is designed to fix you! Well, parts of you. This is the massage to choose for back and neck pain, sports injuries, headaches and migraines, and sciatica.

Remedial massage comes in many different forms - and here's where your 200 different techniques come in. For example, Thai massage could be classed as remedial, as could Swedish massage or deep tissue massage.

Mix of Techniques

In short, it's a massage designed to remedy whatever ails you. And that is done in different ways. A deep tissue massage, as the name suggests, involves the therapist working your muscles quite hard.

A Thai massage works on the muscles, but also on your energy lines and pressure points, to also treat stress and other psychological problems.

Trigger Point therapy is another form of remedial massage. A trigger point is often responsible for referred pain, so it takes a professional practitioner to pinpoint the source.

What's the Point?

A trigger point or sore spot in, say, your back may be referring pain to your neck. You will probably think the problem is with your neck, and it's the therapist's job to find the cause.

A remedial massage therapist is usually trained in several different techniques and can combine these to provide you with the very best treatment. So why put up with that stiff neck or bad back a second longer. Book well today and feel better tomorrow.