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Pregnancy Massage in Sydney

Did you know that your pregnancy and childbirth could be made a lot easier if you booked a regular pregnancy massage in Sydney? Massage is not just about relaxation - it also offers some very real physical and psychological benefits.

In the past, many women were unsure about the safety of massage during pregnancy. Today, however, following extensive studies, it is not only considered safe but also advisable. It is important to check with your own doctor first.

Help with Edema

Some of the most common issues during pregnancy include backache, headaches, mood swings, edema (swelling of the joints) and sciatica. All of these can be helped by having a pregnancy massage in Sydney.

Edema is a very unpleasant side effect of pregnancy. It is caused by reduced circulation and increased pressure on your major blood vessels. Fluid builds up around the joints causing discomfort and negatively impacting mobility.

Treating Sciatica

By stimulating the soft tissue around the joints massage not only helps control this problem but also prompts the lymph system to work harder and remove tissue waste.

Sciatica usually occurs later on in the pregnancy as too much weight is put on the pelvic floor and lower back. This causes leg muscles to swell which puts pressure on nearby nerves. It's the subsequent inflammation that causes the pain. Again pregnancy massage in Sydney can help relieve this.

Coping with Mood Swings

Massage helps control the hormones that make us feel sad and anxious and boosts our endorphin levels to make us feel good. You're likely to experience far fewer mood swings when you have a regular massage.

When having your massage it is important to feel relaxed and comfortable. It's totally up to you whether you remain clothed. Your therapist will work with you to find the most comfortable position.

There are some excellent pregnancy massage therapists in Sydney and you will find them in the Bookwell directory so don't delay: make an appointment today.