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Pregnancy Massage in Adelaide

When you're pregnant you probably need all the pampering you can get. A great way of improving your mood and getting relief from aches and pains is having a pregnancy massage in Adelaide.

Many women wonder if it is safe to have massages during pregnancy. The answer is 'yes' but be sure to book in with a therapist who specialises in pregnancy massage. The reason for this is that they know the best techniques to use to give you and your baby the greatest benefits.

Check with your Doctor

It is generally recommended that you avoid massage during the first trimester and always check with your doctor first.

The best pregnancy massage in Adelaide offers benefits on so many levels. Clearly, there are major physical benefits, such as reducing back pain, treating sciatica and relieving swollen joints. There are psychological benefits, too. Massage can help control the hormones that give us mood swings as well as boosting the endorphins that make us feel good.

Reduce Anxiety

This is not only good for mum but also for the baby. By reducing your anxiety you are creating a calmer environment for the child. This is one of the reasons why pregnancy massage is believed to reduce the chance of complications.

Another huge plus is that regular massage boosts your circulation, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your major organs and to the baby. It will also help improve the child's immune system by ridding your body of toxins.

Another reason why you should always book a professional pregnancy massage in Adelaide is that the therapist will have the right equipment. A standard massage table is not suitable, especially as the pregnancy progresses. Specially adapted massage tables and cushioning are available.

Best Pregnancy Massage in Adelaide

The important thing is to feel safe and comfortable. If you're concerned about stripping down be sure to wear loose clothing that won't restrict your movements.

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