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    Lymphatic Drainage on the Gold Coast

    One of the most gentle, and non-invasive forms of massage therapy, lymphatic drainage is experiencing steady growth in popularity. Fortunately, the sunny Gold Coast is ready and waiting in the wings, boasting a tonne of qualified clinics and some of the most experienced lymphatic drainage therapists you can get your hands on. Well, they’ll be getting their hands on you, if you want to get technical.

    Pioneered by doctors in the 1930s for the treatment of immune disorders such as chronic sinusitis, lymphatic drainage is now recognised the world over for it’s numerous health benefits.

    But if there are no tubes involved, then why all this talk of drainage? The term ‘drainage’ basically refers to the fact that the therapy works to indirectly ‘drain’ lymphatic fluid from the body. Toxins are released through the kidneys, and eventually expelled. You might not physically see immediate results, but many patients experience a sort of rush, similar to endorphins coursing through the body. You might feel the urge to go to the bathroom, but don’t freak out - this means the treatment is working, and all the nasties are just trying to escape!

    The lymphatic system is basically the gateway to the immune system, working to protect and fight against infection. Some of the benefits associated with lymphatic drainage include, but are not limited to:

    • Ongoing maintenance of a healthy immune system
    • Cleansing and detoxification of organs including liver, lungs and kidneys
    • Relief from severe allergies, and illnesses such as chronic fatigue

    It’s also an effective treatment for people suffering from lymphedema, or excessive fluid retention and swelling; a relatively common side effect of cancer treatment. With regular sessions, you should see a general improvement in your overall health.

    If you’re keen to see what all of the fuss is about, secure a lymphatic drainage massage on the Gold Coast with Bookwell today.