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Head Massage in Sydney

Often referred to as an Indian Head Massage or Scalp Massage, this amazing treatment offers a whole range of benefits for your mind and body. You can add the service to your usual body massage or simply enjoy it on its own.

First and foremost a head massage in Sydney offers all the usual benefits of getting a massage. On a physical level, it can ease pain and tension, stimulate blood and lymph flow, help the body detox and boost your immune system.

Improve Sleep

It will also help remove 'blockages' in your body's energy flow, lessen stress and anxiety and release those feel-good endorphins. It's really good for improving sleep, too.

A head massage in Sydney also offers benefits specifically for your scalp and hair. By boosting blood flow it delivers more oxygen and essential nutrients to the scalp. This will result in stronger, healthier hair growth. If quality massage oil such as jojoba, sesame or olive oil is used, it will also condition your scalp and prevent dry skin conditions like dandruff.

Treating Hair Loss

Hair loss in men and women has spawned a multi-million-dollar industry in products, treatments and surgical procedures. Now, we're not saying head massage in Sydney can give you the same results as, say, a hair transplant, but there is proof that it could definitely help.

Studies have shown that as a result of boosting blood flow a scalp massage can regrow hair. It can also lead to an increase in hair thickness. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence, too, from men and women who book a regular head massage. Results can be further amplified by using essential oils such as lavender and rosemary.

So whether you're looking to improve hair growth or simply unwind, you owe it to yourself to book in for a regular head massage in Sydney. Find a massage therapist near you on Bookwell.