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Foot Massage in The Gold Coast

If you’ve never experienced a foot massage, it really is a treat you’re missing out on. If you have, then we know that you’re probably here to book another one in. Because they’re truly amazing. And if you’re on The Gold Coast, with its 52 kilometers of golden, sandy beaches, then we’re bound to have the perfect salon to suit you.

Relaxed, gorgeous and a slice of paradise. Yes, we’re describing The Gold Coast, but we’re also describing BookWell foot massage salons in The Gold Coast too. You could be laying back in one today, ready for a luxurious treat for your feet. Choose from a foot and lower leg massage, a foot spa detoxifying treatment or session of reflexology. Check in, take off your shoes and relax. You really won’t want to leave.

A foot massage by one of our trained professionals can help reduce swelling and improve circulation. Your therapist will also expertly rotate and stretch your ankles, making the ligaments less tight and increasing your movement and flexibility. A foot spa includes the use of a warm, scented foot bath with natural electromagnetic devices to draw toxins from the body.

Reflexology can even help treat certain medical conditions such as digestive complaints, headaches and anxiety. Our feet have a full reflex map on them, relating to each organ and biological system in the body. If you have a specific medical complaint, then reflexology could be the answer you’re looking for. Your reflexologist will concentrate on specific areas of your feet and can use acupressure techniques to stimulate energy flow. Pure heaven, even if you don’t have a condition you’d like help with.

And to top it all, you’d experience all of this in the most beautiful of surroundings, with scented candles and definitely no interruptions. You wouldn’t get that with a foot massage at home!

So book your feet in for a treat in one of our Gold Coast salons today, you won’t be disappointed.