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Cupping in Sydney

There are a few different versions of cupping to choose from in Sydney. Dry cupping, or Hot Jar Qi, is the most popular, and is traditionally done using glass cups.

However, the cups can also be made of earthenware or bamboo, or the therapist may use something called massage suction cupping. This modern take on a very ancient therapy uses a suction gun to create a vacuum, rather than heat.

Perfect for Stiff Necks
The suction pulls your skin and tissue away from the body, whereas massage generally presses down on the body. Put the two together and you have both positive and negative pressure - the very basis of Eastern medicine.

As you would expect, this form of therapy is fantastic for stiff or sore backs, necks and muscles. It can also boost your circulation and metabolism; treat rheumatism and arthritis; improve sleep; treat depression and anxiety, and more.

Removing the Cause
The way it works is really quite simple. Let's take those sore muscles as an example. The belief is that the problem area is congested with old blood, toxins, damaged tissue and a whole host of nasties.

As a result new, healthy blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients, can't reach the injured part. The suction created by cupping pulls all the yucky stuff away from the injury, so the vitality-packed blood can reach it.

The red marks, or 'bruises' that are left are seen as a sign that the 'disease' has moved away from the injured part to the skin. As the marks fade over a couple of days, the problem goes away.