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Chinese Massage in Sydney

If you’re a Sydneysider looking for relief from medical issues, injuries, or simply want help realigning your ‘Chi’, or sense of flow, Chinese massage therapy is the solution.

The Ancient art of Chinese massage has been kicking around since somewhere between 16th and 11th century BC, so to say these folks know what they’re doing is a bit of an understatement.

As one of the most popular remedial therapies on the market, Chinese massage takes a holistic approach in considering the mind, body and spirit as a whole, in the search for overall health and wellbeing. Just one 30 minute session may help to restore a sense of balance. Instant results? We like.

Unlike Western massage techniques, Chinese massage is generally reserved for targeted treatment, rather than as a form of relaxation. Forgoing the usual massage bed, you’ll be asked to sit in a chair, or on a couch, so your therapist can easily locate various acupressure points.

You can expect stretching, pushing and kneading of the muscles to promote the general flow of energy around the body, as well as the more localised method of pressing and pinching acupressure points to relieve immediate pain and stress in specific areas.

This targeted method uses age-old techniques to provide pain relief, relieve injuries, improve blood flow, and relieve stress. After just one session you’ll feel renewed, invigorated, and may even experience a ‘rush’ as unwanted toxins escape from the body.

You’ll experience relief from anxiety, improved sleep, and a general feeling of positivity and wellbeing. The therapy may also boost immunity and help to prevent the development of degenerative diseases.

We reckon Sydney is the ultimate fitspo city, so it’s important to stay looking and feeling your best. For both physical and mental relief and balance, let Bookwell help you find a Chinese massage therapist in Sydney today.