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Chinese Massage in Adelaide

There are a few different types of Chinese massage. All are amazing and will make you feel relaxed and pampered. Adelaide is a complex mix of cultures and our salons reflect this. They’re infused with different cultural flavours and you’ll find exactly the kind of Chinese massage you’re looking for with BookWell. And if you haven't experienced a Chinese massage then where better than to try one of our Adelaide based spas?

The two main kinds of Chinese massage are ‘Tui Na’ and ‘Zhi Ya’. Tui Na massage uses stretching and kneading techniques and Zhi Ya uses acupressure points as its focus.

  • Tui Na - Tui Na massage has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a form of deep tissue massage. It translates to ‘push and grab’ so you can get some idea of the techniques used. It works on the principle that blocked energy (‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’) channels can cause pain and disease. By stretching (‘pushing’) and kneading (‘grabbing’) these energy channels, they’ll become unblocked. This causes the pain and disease to begin to disappear. It also means the body is more balanced and able to fight further disease and health problems.
  • Zhi Ya - Zhi Ya massage therapists will focus on specific acupressure points to treat disease and free energy channels. It translates to ‘pinch and press’ and it’s a similar experience to that of reflexology. Your therapist will use gentle acupressure ‘pinching and pressing’ techniques on your body, depending on where you have problems.

Both Tui Na and Zhi Ya also stimulate the body to release healing hormones and increase blood flow. They both relax and rejuvenate and help boost immunity. Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in both forms of Chinese massage.

Why not try something new in Adelaide today? Book in for a Chinese massage with one of our amazing salons and feel the benefits immediately.