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Perm in the Gold Coast

If you’ve long suffered from fine, flat or lacklustre hair, and are craving a little bit of bounce back in your life, a perm could be just the solution.

Indeed, perms have experienced something of a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. See: Beyonce, Julianne Hough, Taylor Swift, etc. It’s the ultimate remedy to frizzy or misbehaving locks, perfect for beating the Gold Coast's humid, unpredictable weather.

Fortunately, Bookwell is home to some of the best perm salons on the Gold Coast, trained in the art of permanent curls, sans the 80s prom queen vibes.

What exactly is a perm?

The word ‘perm’ actually stands for permanent wave. A perm is essentially a hairstyle achieved by setting the hair in curls, and treating it with heat or chemicals to make the style semi-permanent.

Thanks to ever-evolving hair technology, the modern perm is so much more than crunchy, Little Miss pageant ringlets. You can achieve anything from perfect, china doll curls to loose, beachy waves.

There are two main types of perm. A cold perm makes the style most defined when the hair is wet, and looser when it dries. Hence, people often use wet products such as mousse or gel to make the curls pop.

To achieve a cold perm, dry hair is curled into sections using small plastic rollers, then a cold chemical solution is poured over the hair. Another solution is applied soon after to set the curls and neutralize the chemicals.

A digital perm is a more common treatment preferred these days. This procedure uses a combination of heat and chemicals to permanently curl the hair.

Your hair is sectioned off, and a chemical solution is applied to break down the structure of the hair. The hair is then hot curled, left to set, and a final setting solution is applied to set the curls. This kind of perm generally results in bigger, more natural looking curls.

If a perm sounds like the treatment for you, book your next appointment on the Gold Coast with Bookwell today.