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Perm in Adelaide

Forget what you know about perms. The latest in hair technology can help you achieve woke-up-in-these-waves. You’ll be channeling Kate Moss when shopping in Rundle Mall. Make an appointment with one of our perming experts in Adelaide, and get ready to make some waves. Literally.

Is your hair healthy enough to get a perm?

The best base is undamaged hair. If your hair has suffered some serious damage, your perm won’t curl so much as frizz. Your locks will also take a further beating, and become brittle.

Pro tip: To test the health of your hair, all you need is a bowl of water. Put a strand of hair into the water and if it floats, go crazy. If it sinks, you’ll probably want to give your hair a bit of a breather.

Getting a body that just won’t quit

Avoid Flashdance fuzz with a few simple rules: Ensure that your hair is cleansed properly before. If there is product build up on your hair, it can close the cuticle and when you apply perm solution over this, you get that crunchy feel. Ask for a medium to larger roller for a soft, beachy wave. Get a layered haircut. This can help you avoid the ‘triangle’ effect.

After care

You heard Elle Woods: you can’t wash your hair two or three days after getting a perm. Your new curls will need at least 24 hours to become perm-anent. When you do get your head wet, use colour safe shampoos and conditioners.

Styling your Hair

Put that hairdryer down. You will get the best results by letting your hair dry naturally. Let your new curls shine through.

Don’t be afraid of products. You can use specialized products to tone and soften your curls, or amp it up for a night out.

Make an appointment

You want a stylist that can give you the look that you want. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard part of your hair. Make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Adelaide today.