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Men’s Haircuts in Adelaide

They say that clothes make the man, but haircuts make your look. We’ve got the hard part covered. We’ve picked the best hair salons in Adelaide so all you have to do is get in the chair and pick out a hairstyle.

If you are wondering what cut would best suit you, check out our guide for the best haircut to suit your face shape:

Square Face Shape
A clean-cut look goes well with this face shape. Highlight that strong jaw line with a classic short back and sides, and a texture on the top. Keep things sharp and clean, you do not need to cut it soft around the edges.

Round Face Shape
You want to elongate the face shape without adding width. A short back and sides with a quiff works well. A fringe will only make your face appear smaller and emphasize its shape.

Oval Face Shape
You have a versatile face shape, so pretty much any hairstyle will work. However, you should avoid a fringe because it can cover up your forehead and make your face appear rounder. Work with our natural growth pattern to lift it off your face.

Triangle Face Shape
Your ideal hairstyle will get more volume on the top and sides. You want to draw attention away from your jawline.

Oblong Face Shape
This is another versatile face shape. You can wear most haircuts but don’t go too short on the sides because it will elongate your face further. Think class shapes and scissor cuts. You do not want anything too short or too extreme: your goal is to add width.

Diamond Face Shape
A longer haircut will suit this face shape. Ask for a scissor cut, keeping things soft against your angular cheekbones to accentuate them. A fringe is always a good idea.

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