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Keratin Treatment in Sydney

Hot news: keratin treatments in Sydney aren't just for women. That's right, more and more men are turning to professional keratin treatments to give them the look they want.

The boys, especially those with longer hairstyles, want shiny healthy-looking hair as much as us girls. Seems fair! Whether you're male or female your hair can really affect your confidence.

Safe and Natural

The great thing about keratin treatments is that they're a lot safer to use than many other products. Keratin is a protein that our bodies naturally produce. The problem is that diet, stress, harsh environments and shampoo can deplete our supply. A keratin treatment in Sydney seals the hair shafts to provide protection and shine.

Keratin penetrates the hair follicles and fixes any damage. The effects are long-lasting, even up to four months. So while keratin treatments might sound expensive they are cost-effective over time. Besides, do we really have to put a price on beautiful hair?

Reduce Styling Time

As well as the direct protection you get from a keratin treatment, it also reduces styling time and the use of a flat iron. That's much healthier for your hair.

One myth about keratin treatments is that it flattens your hair and makes it look lank. That's not the case. Keratin doesn't affect the shape or volume of your hair. It simply adds health and vitality to your locks. It can be used for all hair types, too.

Keratin Treatment in Sydney

There are a few things you have to do post-treatment, which your stylist will explain in detail. It's really pretty simple. Just don't shampoo or style your hair for a couple of days so the keratin treatment can continue to work.

Here at Bookwell, we've never heard of anyone being disappointed after a keratin treatment in Sydney so what are you waiting for? Scroll through to find your local keratin experts and transform your look today.