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Formal Hair in Sydney

Whether you need help with formal hair in Sydney or bridal hairstyling it's a good idea to book in with a professional. The last thing you want is to be unhappy with your hair on the big day.

We all joke about bad hair days but there's now scientific proof that it can ruin your mood. In fact, one survey showed that waking up with bad hair can cause 75 minutes of depression.

Professional Hair and Makeup

Whatever the occasion, from your school formal or wedding day to an important job interview or party, getting your hair professionally styled can make all the difference. In fact, smart girls go for the whole package with professional hair and makeup.

In the past, formal hair in Sydney was, well, formal! We're talking about tight chignons and buns that made your eyes water. Now, whilst that may also give you an instant facelift, it's not the most comfortable way to spend your day or evening.

Feminine and Pretty

Today's formal and wedding hairstyles are a little more relaxed thanks to the popularity of half up hair styling. Combining a loose chignon or braid with long flowing locks is just so feminine and pretty, especially if you go for some GHD curls, too.

Your choice of hairstyle depends a lot on what you're wearing. The general rule of thumb is the plainer the dress the more elaborate the hair. Half up hair styling looks particularly good with strapless gowns or long flowing dresses with spaghetti straps.

Go the Braid

Whilst hair braiding has been around forever its newfound popularity is great news for women everywhere. Styles like the Waterfall Braid are just so lovely, especially when decorated with tiny flowers or gems.

Your choice of hairstyle also depends on your hair type and again, a professional stylist is the answer. They know through experience what works best on fine hair, thick hair, long or short hair. The Bookwell directory will help you find a great stylist in your locality.