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Braid Hair Styling in Sydney

If you're looking for braids in Sydney, you're in luck! There are some excellent salons where you can get this done, and you'll find them listed here on Bookwell.

Braids are a great way of keeping your hair neat and tidy, and there are many different styles to choose from. Whilst many people believe braids have to small and tightly woven, this isn't actually the case. Braids can be big or small, tight or loosely woven.

Rumours and Myths

There are a few myths going around about braids. One claims that braiding will make your hair grow faster! Whilst this isn't true, there is some basis for the rumour. Braiding can protect your hair against breakage.

When hair is braided, you avoid the everyday wear and tear on your hair. For example, the movement of your head against your pillow can cause friction, which can cause breakage. When your hair is worn in braids, it gives it more strength.

And you won't be brushing and combing your hair as much either, which will also help prevent breakage. However, braids still need to be maintained, and kept clean and conditioned.

Perfect For Formals

Partial braids in Sydney are very popular, especially for formal occasions and weddings. Take the Half Up Waterfall Braid, for example. Sections of your hair are pulled into a gorgeous soft braid, which sweeps across the back of your head, with the rest of your locks left loose.

This is so pretty and feminine, and it's a really gorgeous alternative for a bride. The braid can be accessorised with flowers and jewels for greater impact.

Ask For Advice

There are so many styles of braid to choose from, so it's worth checking out some ideas online. Alternatively, ask the salon for advice. They will also be able to advise you on caring for your braids.

So go on, take the plunge and give braids a try! You'll find a salon near you here on Bookwell.