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Braids in Adelaide

Are you hooked on the hit TV series, Game of Thrones, like most of the population? If you are, you've probably noticed how popular braids are with the leading ladies. In fact, those GOT hair braids have sparked off a bit of a trend.

Whilst traditionally, we have thought of braids as tiny, tight weaves - like box braids or cornrows - they actually come in many more shapes and sizes. And that opens up a whole box of options for long hair.

Simply Stunning Braids

If you're looking for braids in Adelaide, you'll notice some absolutely stunning styles that incorporate a few loose braids into up-dos and long, loose hair. Braids are also being used as hair bands and pony tail cuffs.

These styles are brilliant for special occasions, such as weddings and formals. And they certainly don't take as many hours to create! Box braids can take from four to 12 hours!

Boho or Fishtail Braids

Partial braids come in many forms, including the Boho Braid, Waterfall Braid, Fishtail - and Messy Fishtail, the Upside Down French Braid, and more . And whilst there are YouTube tutorials all over the internet showing you how to do these, our advice would be, go to a salon!

Seriously, can you really see yourself working back to front, trying to braid, whilst looking in the mirror AND watching YouTube? Nah!

So Pretty

One of the reasons braids are now so popular with brides, is the rapid growth of the braid accessory market. There are some utterly beautiful decorative pieces around, including ribbons, flowers, jewels, and the most elaborate cuffs.

One of the prettiest looks we've seen was a Celtic Knot Braid, decorated with tiny pink and white flowers. Exquisite!

With so much choice - and so many great hair braiding experts in Adelaide - you should really give it a go! Just take a browse through Bookwell, book online and away you go!