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Finding a great male hair dresser is almost as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. One bad cut and most dudes are scarred for life, resorting to an at-home chop in front of the bathroom mirror. You might not be able to see the back of your head, but we sure can.

Thankfully, Sydney is home to some of the best barbers in town, just itching to get you trimmed and shaved to perfection. Read on to discover exactly why a great barber should be your first and final stop for tip-top male grooming.

They specify in dealing with dudes

The art of male and female grooming are two very different beasts. Sure, the temptation of a unisex hairdressing chain is all too real, but investing in someone who’s actually invested in making you look good will make a whole world of difference.

They use a combination of clippers and scissors

Scissors are for snipping, and clippers are for precision. Clippers can be adjusted to different lengths, to allow for customisable shading and fading. Yeah, thats what that ‘number 3’ refers to - the setting on your barber’s clippers.

Barbers are trained to deal with facial hair

Unlike hairdressers, who focus mainly on the head, barbers undergo extensive training to be able to deliver a total male grooming experience, free from nicks, cuts or irritation.

Your lady hairdresser might mean well, but does she really know what she’s doing with those clippers?

Barbershops and great coffee tend to go hand in hand

Because who doesn’t want to sip on a flat white while having their mane tended to?

You can also stock up on your favourite hair and male grooming products, and walk away with a whole host of valuable grooming goss, straight from the barber's mouth.

If you’re after a great barber in Sydney who’s up for tackling your manly locks, book your next appointment with Bookwell today.