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Hair Balayage On The Gold Coast

Are you a beach babe on the Gold Coast? A fashionista and trendsetter? Or simply looking for a more natural hair colouring solution? Then you're going to want to keep reading.

Balayage is available on the Gold Coast and is a look that just keeps gaining in popularity. That's no surprise when you see the fabulous results that can be achieved. And here at Bookwell, we're happy to put you in touch with the best colourists on the Coast.

Don't Try This At Home

A look that came out of Paris in the 1970s, balayage is quite different to foil highlights and solid colour. With balayage, the colour is actually painted on by hand, to create a stunning, natural look.

It's definitely not something you want to try at home. Balayage professionals on the Gold Coast are specially trained to use this technique, which is why it's not available in all salons. It's all about choosing the right colours for your skin tone, and being aware of how your hair naturally moves.

Re-growth? What Re-growth?

The end result should look natural, yet stylish and sophisticated. It's similar to that sun-kissed look you had as a child, where your hair got lighter towards the ends. And it's a technique that works really well with layers.

In fact, balayage is suitable for practically all hair lengths, and all hair colours. The most dramatic results, however, are on blond hair, as amazing contrasts are possible. And best of all, re-growth is practically unnoticeable.

Balayage is a little more expensive than traditional foil highlights, but it's a low maintenance colouring option, so you can go longer between salon appointments.

Just Click And Book

Have you noticed the growing number of celebrities and models showing off their balayage styles? They look amazing, right? Now you can achieve that fabulous look, too. Finding a balayage professional in your area is easy with Bookwell. And you can book an appointment with just a click. What are you waiting for?