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Balayage in Adelaide

Balayage is one of our favourite ways to colour our hair, and we want to highlight the highlights of these highlights (sorry, we couldn’t resist the triple pun). It’s a hair colouring technique that is low-maintenance and makes us feel like it is summer all year around. Whether you’re sipping wine or shopping in Rundle Mall, then balayage is the perfect way to update your look.

What is balayage?

Your hairdresser is basically an artist. They will paint on colour to your hair rather than using traditional foiling techniques. The process varies on the length of your hair and the desired result. It can be used on all hair lengths – even the shortest crops – but has the best results on hair below the shoulders.

The hairdresser will colour your hair with a brush and a backing board. They may separate it into sections and freehand colour the ends.

How will you look?

You can achieve so many different looks with this versatile technique. You can go for soft, natural highlights that make your hair look sun-kissed, or you could go a contrasting highlights that are punky. Balayage looks great on blond hair and brown hair, it's just a matter of the effect you're after.

Because of the technique, we love a flowing hairstyle with this. The more tousled the better to show off your balayage. Sharp hair cuts like a blunt bob may need a stronger, more block colour to show off the cut.

How low-maintenance is it?

Our favourite part about balayage is that it is low-maintenance. There is no solid demarcation line so no one will notice the regrowth. Say goodbye to regular trips to the salon!

After care

When you highlight your hair, it can become more porous. This means that your colour can fade easily. That’s why slip slop slap is not just for your skin. The sun can oxidise your hair colour and turn it orange.

Invest in a hat to spray on leave-in conditioner. You should also do regular masks. We recommend stepping down the styling every so often as well. Embrace your natural hair for a bit to make your next salon trip even more successful with healthy hair. Heat styling can roughen up the hair cuticle and release the colour.

Balayage is easy breezy. Update your look and make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Adelaide today.