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Microblading in Gold Coast

Have you tried Microblading on the Gold Coast yet? If you're still searching for the perfect brow you really should give it a go.

Many people don't realise that microblading was first introduced in Asia around 25 years ago. It is sometimes referred to as feather tattooing, hair stroking or the Japanese Method. Asia is still leading the way with this treatment, introducing amazing new ideas such as the 6D Eyebrow.

More Natural Look

According to Google, by 2015 more people were searching for the word 'microblading' than 'permanent makeup'. Of course, microblading is a form of permanent makeup. Unlike cosmetic tattooing, however, each hair is drawn on individually to give a more natural look.

In addition, microblading only penetrates three layers of skin whilst tattooing pushes the colour through seven layers.

There are quite a few microblading techniques to choose from, starting with 1D eyebrows, where all the hair strokes go in the same direction. If you choose 3D eyebrows, the 'hairs' are laid out in a specific pattern to create a 3D effect.

Touch-ups and Corrections

When you book microblading on the Gold Coast you will probably need two appointments. The first appointment is the longest. That's when the artist assesses your natural brows and determines what effect you are after. He or she will then draw on the hairs with a special pencil so you can be sure you like the look. Only when you are 100% happy does the actual microblading take place.

You will experience a little scabbing and it takes around 30 days for the brows to completely heal. Then you return for your second appointment for any necessary touch-ups or corrections.

The best microblading in Gold Coast is perfect for most people, but not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. There are also some medical and skin conditions that make the treatment inadvisable. The best course of action is to make an appointment and discuss the treatment with the microblading artist.